Everything You Must Know About Cuplock Scaffolding System

Everything You Must Know About Cuplock Scaffolding System

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  • 2022-03-28
Everything You Must Know About Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cuplocks are the most popular types of scaffolding systems, they are fully galvanized and are used for several purposes. It is a kind of modular scaffolding and it consists of vertical and horizontal components so that the users can combine them and form a temporary structure which is suitable for numerous jobs. These components are connected through a unique circular not locking design that provides the user with greater flexibility and safety in their scaffolding designs.

There are numerous benefits of these Cuplock setups:

Cost effective with time saving:

Cuplock scaffolding has numerous features that makes it an adaptable component that companies can quickly set up for several purposes such as maintenance, refurbishment, and constructions. These Cuplock scaffolding relies more on adaptable and flexible component which results in fastest scaffolding construction. They also offer their services in Walkways and Waterstopper.

As a result this cuplocks are easy to use and companies can quickly setup scaffolding at work sites which further helps the workers to get their task faster. 

By saving the time the company can also save resources and the cost.

Furthermore, Cuplock system minimizes the number of loose fittings and wedge connectors you have to use saving you on cost associated with purchasing them.

Safe, light, and tougher:

Cuplocks tubes are easier to handle, store and transport, they are lighter and palletized. It is easier for the workers to transport them by hand and construct scaffolding. 

They are extremely durable and they are galvanized on the surface which resists corrosion in any weather condition.

Easy to install and locking procedure:

One of the unique features of couple of scaffolding systems is that its node-point locking device. With the help of this device a single vertical tube can be connected with 4 horizontal tubes. Adding to it, workers don't need to use any loose bolts wedges or clip to lock the components to the north point which makes with scarffolding faster and easier to install.

Components of Cuplock:

Numerous Cuplock scaffolding parts and components go into the construction of Cuplock structures. Few of the main Cuplock scaffolding components includes verticals, universal jacks, hop-up brackets, intermediate transoms, and horizontals. Following are the information about the primary Cuplock components:

Verticals or standards: these vertical tubes are also known as standard tubes which are the components of scaffolding. DIY made out of 40 mm novium tubes with rotating top comes and lower fixed cup placed at half metre intervals.

Available at multiple sizes which helps you find the right choice for your need.

Horizontals- these are the most important Cuplock scaffolding. They are made out of 40 mm novium tubes and includes transoms and ledgers. These tubes feature blade ends which make it easy for the users to lock them into vertical tube cups.

Universal Jack: 20 universal Jacks insert into the top or bottom of a Cuplock scaffolding and support the structure. They are useful in adjusting the scarffolding with maximum adjustments of half metre.

Intermediate transoms: people use intermediate transoms to lock inner and outer horizontal ledgers together. They feature jaw-shaped ends on each of the side and they provide intermediate support to standard scaffold boards.

Hop-up brackets : Cuplock hop-up brackets come in multiple designs to support upto three boards beyond your scaffolding interior. This bracket let users expand their working platforms.